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Monday, March 4, 2013

Employee of the Year Announced

Congratulations to James Williams, the Yale Enforcement Services Officer of the Year for 2012.

James, who joined Yale Enforcement Services in 2010, has been an integral part of the success and growth of Region 4, Yale’s newest region.

James, who came on board as an area supervisor, brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to Yale, and has put the experience to good use.

James has overseen the Patient Transport Program from its inception, and has transported over 400 people with no incidents.  James is one of those guys that consistently gives it his all, regardless of the task.  He works any hours needed, and has responded on shooting calls, bomb threats, fires and several other emergency events.

James also works as our Security Instructor, Firearms Instructor and CPR / First Aid Instructor. 

Congratulations to James Williams, the Yale Enforcement Services Officer of the Year, 2012.

Tommy Vickers,
Director of Operations - Region 4

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Region 4 Promotions

I want to congratulate all who have received rank increases this quarter in Region 4.  The number of officers receiving Senior Officer and Corporal is a reflection on each of the site and area supervisors that insure that officers meet all requirements, and a strong show of retention of good officers.  Thanks and congratulations to all;

Bertalozzi, Anthony
Doan, Dana
Dudley, Ivan
Dumas, Jimmie
Ferretti, Gregory
Grant, Linda
Harrell, Angel
Lafferty, Joshua
Milligan, Tommy
Powell, Thomas
Wayne, William
Weller, Bridgette
Wilcoxsin, Antonio
Baldwin, Cynthia
Level I
Benton, Patricia
Level I
Brown, Dwayne
Level I
Corbett, Inez
Level I
Davis, Carl
Level I
Davis, Justin
Level I
Gouchenour, Brandon
Level I
Haynes, James
Level I
Hill, David
Level I
Johnson, Marcus
Level I
Mack, Gabriella
Level I
Wilkinson, Nicholas
Level I
Barnes, Valencia
Benton, Helen
Elliot, Bryan
Jones, Michael
VonSchoppe, Alan
Workman, Jack

Tommy Vickers
Director of Operations - Region 4

Monday, January 7, 2013

Region 3 Rank Advancements

Congratulations to the following officers for achieving rank advancement promotions: 

Senior Security Officer:

Robert Anderson
David Baker
Joseph Caban
Leroy Carolina
Hubert Christmas
John Church
Aurthur Collazo
Guillermo Estrada
Gary Floyd
Jason Gallienne
Joan Korchman
William Landry
Mark Lanzilla
Miller McCreadie
John McDowell
Edward Mock
James Pacelko
Michael Ramirez
Bruce Setler
Rafael Vidot
Richard Williams
Albert Woodall


Luxon Benjamin
Jazman Benjamin
Wayne Connors
Betzaida DeLeon
James Ferro
David Hanna
Tony Harper
Thomas Kimball
Michael Logue
Brian McDaniel
David Miller
Timothy Murzin
Anthony Reed
Paul Reuman
James Ries
Vincenzo Salgado
Patrick Stephenson
Steven Stout
Darren Tillis
Jacobey Vinson

Lori Morrow,
Director of Operations- Region 3

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Region 3 Employee of the Month

Mobile Patrol Officer Edwin Martinez while on routine patrol, checked a client site and found no unusual circumstances. Using his intuition, after going to the next client location, Officer Martinez doubled back to recheck the first property and observed a suspicious auto that had not been there previously. Officer Martinez approached the vehicle and occupant. While speaking with the occupant, Martinez displayed a professional and courteous demeanor. The subject became verbally abusive to Officer Martinez, yelling at him and using profane language. Officer Martinez maintained a professional attitude and proceeded to note a detailed description of the subject and the auto he was operating. The subject, upon observing this, proceeded to leave the client’s property. Officer Martinez notified Law Enforcement officials who responded to the scene. Through his diligence, Officer Edwin Martinez showed our client that our Officers not only maintain a professional attitude when faced with trying circumstances, but also possibly prevented a crime from occurring.  Congratulations to Officer Edwin Martinez for being selected Officer of the Month for Region 3.

Steven Yodice,
Regional Manager