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Monday, January 7, 2013

Region 3 Rank Advancements

Congratulations to the following officers for achieving rank advancement promotions: 

Senior Security Officer:

Robert Anderson
David Baker
Joseph Caban
Leroy Carolina
Hubert Christmas
John Church
Aurthur Collazo
Guillermo Estrada
Gary Floyd
Jason Gallienne
Joan Korchman
William Landry
Mark Lanzilla
Miller McCreadie
John McDowell
Edward Mock
James Pacelko
Michael Ramirez
Bruce Setler
Rafael Vidot
Richard Williams
Albert Woodall


Luxon Benjamin
Jazman Benjamin
Wayne Connors
Betzaida DeLeon
James Ferro
David Hanna
Tony Harper
Thomas Kimball
Michael Logue
Brian McDaniel
David Miller
Timothy Murzin
Anthony Reed
Paul Reuman
James Ries
Vincenzo Salgado
Patrick Stephenson
Steven Stout
Darren Tillis
Jacobey Vinson

Lori Morrow,
Director of Operations- Region 3

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