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Monday, April 25, 2011

3 Days of Potentially Deadly Tornadoes

A three day tornado outbreak over the country will begin this afternoon (Monday) in the southern Plains. This entire tornado outbreak is the result of a 185 mph LaNina driven jet stream pattern which is coming ashore. A LaNina pattern is the cooling of the eastern Pacific equatorial waters. The change in water temperature from normal shifts the region of equatorial thunderstorms, which in turn changes the location and strength of the jet stream as it blows over the ocean and into the US. The jet stream will carve out a large upper level trough over the southern part of the nation today, shifting into the Great Lakes area by Thursday.

Areas from east Texas to most of Arkansas appear to be the most favorable region for the tornadoes today. The storm regions will then gradually shift eastward tomorrow and Wednesday. Everyone should know basic tornado safety tips and in light of Friday’s tornado that hit the St. Louis area, now is good time to review severe weather procedures for facilities that we are providing security for.

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