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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Officer Compliment Received

The following written compliment was received today from one of our Omaha clients:

"Wanted to pass on a compliment regarding the 3rd shift security officer.  Yesterday morning, a few of our personnel came to the plant very early to conduct an event.  The S/O very professionally but also very directly investigated who they were and what business they had at the plant as she did not recognize any of them.  Upon confirming their business at the plant, the S/O then had all personnel sign in at the guard office.  Our personnel very much respected the S/O’s actions and complied with those requests.  They all commented back to me that this was impressive and they felt good knowing that the S/O was maintaining a high level of awareness of who was on site with no hesitation to confirm personnel that they had not seen before."

The security officer being referred to is Officer Angela Baratta. Officer Baratta has been only been employed with Yale Enforcement Services since February but her actions are indicative of the type of officers I would like to have working here for many years. Thanks Officer Baratta!

Bob Graveline,
Regional Manager
Region 2

1 comment:

  1. OOH RAHH Officer Baratta. If I didnt know any better I wouldve guessed it was a former US Marine. Duly noted. Great Job