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Friday, June 10, 2011

Child Runaway Located

One of any parent’s greatest fears is a missing child. Each year, one million troubled teens from every social class, race and religion, run away from home. Unfortunately this number continues to rise when you factor in the number of pre-teens running away. Confused, pressured and highly impressionable teens follow their peers into bad choices. In most cases, runaways want to escape the rules and regulations of their family and household. The dangers of a runaway lifestyle are obvious. Afraid and desperate, kids on the street are easy targets for robbery, rape, prostitution, drug addiction and violent crime.

Yale Enforcement Services, Inc. continues to help locate runaways while providing security services to our clients. Recently, Sergeant Darlene Dick was on patrol in Springfield, Illinois when she overheard on her police scanner that the Springfield Police Department was searching for an 11 year old runaway boy.

Shortly after hearing the missing child alert, Sgt. Dick spotted the boy walking near her patrol area. She called 911 and gave the description of the boy and stated she would stand by. The police arrived and confirmed it was the missing boy and took him into protective custody at that time. 

Considering the dangers that a runaway faces, community involvement is needed to get these kids off the street. Thank you Sgt. Dick for taking the time to ensure this child had a safe place to go.

Rusty Schmitt,
Regional Manager

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