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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Region 5 Officer of the Month

 On Wednesday 04/27 at 2300, Officer Mike Stahl was reporting for duty when security was alerted to a strong arm robbery that had just occurred in the garage on the clients property, with injuries. Officer Stahl responded to the garage and assisted the employee who was attacked and robbed in the garage, police were also summoned to the scene.  The victim was assisted to the ER for treatment , Officer Brendal also assisted Stahl in the garage with obtaining some more evidence, while the police had stopped a suspect and released him due to the lack of physical evidence at the time.

Lt. Wolf came in from home while Stahl and Brendal continued to assist with the investigation, and additional photographic evidence was provided from the security system in the garage and an ID from the fast pass provided the information on the suspect that had been released to positively identify him as the perpetrator involved in the crime. The police picked up the suspect and when confronted with the video evidence and physical evidence located in the garage proceed to confess to the crime.

Thanks to officer Stahl and Brendal for the extra effort in this investigation along with Lt. Wolf for viewing the video and Peterson for covering the facility. This incident had a positive outcome for a serious crime and a suspect is in custody. Congratulations to Officer Mike Stahl, Region 5 Officer of the Month.

Bob Donnelly,
Operations Manager - West Palm Beach

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