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Friday, June 24, 2011

South Carolina Security Officers Save Life

The saving of a life is the single most important thing we can do as security professionals.  Security Officer Katelin Yoekum and Corporal Steve Redmond both have stepped up to the challenge.

Recently a patient that was under care decided that life was no longer worth living.  His attempted suicide was prevented by the quick thinking of Corporal Redmond and the attention to duty of Officer Yoekum.  Both officers have been commended by the hospital staff for their service and both have been recognized for their professional response to what could have been a deadly situation.

In addition, both officers were called to an After Action Meeting in front of the CEO, COO and other administrative staff, where again they were commended for their actions.  Their participation in the hearing was not only a positive reflection on Yale, but their professional demeanor, candor and presentation should be an example for both hospital and security staff.

Thanks for your service.  

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager

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