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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rank Advancements- Region 5

Level 1 – Patrick Dorton Jr., Albert Guerini, Gerry Higdon, Peyton Hinch, Bryan Kelley, Gregory Pouncey, Anthony Riley, Katelin Yokeum, John Boegel, David Colon, Vincent Dennis, Sean Driscoll, Paul Gillespie, Rafael Gray, Robert Grochowski, Erica Karns, George Maldonado, Terry Moore, Suzan Parker, Joseph Parrino, Sherry Sanders Thomas, Jia Stephens, Steven Stout, TyQuan Washington, Vernetta Black and Angela Winter

Senior Security Officer – Jeremy Cain, Ivan Nunez, Charles Pitcher, Tashonda Stewart, Clyde Studivant, and Adrienne Walker

Corporal – Todd Aultman, Jesse Harris, Scott Hopkins, Michael May, Fred Montesino, Francis Roller, and Anthony Wallce

Congratulations to all of you!

Lori Morrow,
Regional Manager- Region 5

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