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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Houston, We DON'T Have a Problem

Pictured left to right; Meagan King, Alex Ledsinger, Christina Narvaez, and Steve Osburn
 In July, I spent a few days at our Pasadena, Texas office that we at Yale refer to as the "Houston office". Located just south and east of Houston, the Pasadena office is staffed by Alex Ledsinger, Regional Manager, Steve Osburn, Mobile Patrol Captain, Christina Narvaez, Personnel Coordinator, and Meagan King, Administrative Assistant. As Regional Vice President, I get the privilege of visiting all of our offices twice a year. Although I must admit going to Texas at the end of July was not my first choice but as of right now, Yale has no offices in Alaska, which would be quite inviting this time of the year.

Unless you live in a vacuum, then I am sure you have heard the famous Apollo 13 quote, "Houston, we have a problem." I think of that quote almost every time someone mentions the city of Houston. It is perhaps this quote that always puts me in the mindset when I visit Houston that I am going to find problems.

My trip to Houston this time seemed different than any of my past trips. I could not quite put my finger on it but the atmosphere in the office seemed more professional yet relaxed. My inspection turned up no real issues and everyone seemed to be in good moods. There was no bad mouthing the corporate office like you find in many typical business offices. Attitudes were positive and I never heard any of the proverbial negativity that spews from many corporate America offices. The Houston office seemed to be running smoother than ever.

Perhaps with the 100 degree plus heat outside everyone was just thankful to have an "indoor" job. However, I truly had the sense that after 7 years I might just have the right crew in place. I tip my hat to all of the fine folks that work in the Houston office. Great job! For once, Houston, we DON'T have a problem!

Bernie Tracy,
Regional Vice President

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