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Monday, August 1, 2011

Transporting Across a Century Mark

Ok, maybe not a century, but at least the hundred mark.  In March, 2011 our Charleston Office began a new endeavor to provide transportation services for psychiatric patients. The service, which is an on-call operation, crossed the 100 mark this weekend.  Our Transportation Officers have transported 100 patients without incident and without complaint.  Due to the dedication and professionalism shown by the transportation officers under the guidance of Capt. James Williams, our transportation program grows stronger every day. 

Captain Williams and his crew have become favorites with client and staff alike and our office has received numerous compliments and accolades.  This has helped us spread the word and we have been able to expand the program into other facilities, with our current clients calling for more.

A special thanks to;
Captain James Williams              SSO K. Sullivan
SSO C. Pitcher                          SSO G. Higdon

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager - Charleston

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