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Monday, October 3, 2011


Jia Stephens has always proven herself to be a smart, reliable officer, but never more so then a recent incident.  When the fire department notified Officer Stephens of a false pulled fire alarm, she took it upon herself to investigate the event further.  Following sound procedures, she was able to track the call and the pull station to a certain area.  She then reviewed the video of the area and found who had pulled the false alarm.

But the story does not stop there.  When Officer Stephens began to approach the subject, it was found that he had a gun.  Using sound security methods and safety practices, she was able to clear the area, notify police, and keep the subject in view.  After police arrived, she was able to assist, and recovered the gun and extra ammo. Showing bravery in the face of an armed intruder is no easy thing, but keeping your head and keeping everyone safe is a feat due recognition.

The most important thing, everyone went home safe.  As a result of her action, Officer Stephens was awarded the Employee of the Month award for October in Region 4.

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager
South Carolina-Georgia

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