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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


All too often, we forget that our staff works very hard at keeping our operations going.  We call them for certifications, clock in and out issues, uniform orders or to fill a post, but we sometimes fail to let them know when they are doing a good job.  A pat on the back, a thank you or even just a hello from us can make someones day better.

Here are some comments that I have received lately about our officers;

"Last night I had to bring my mother to the Emergency Dept. I was very impressed with the way your Security Officers were handling the multiple situations in the ED.  Our Security Officers remained calm and extremely professionalKedrick Pettigrew and Tykita West (Macon, GA) were the two officers working in the ED with the patient and families.  Thought you would want to know what a great job they are doing."
Mandy …..

I would like to let you all know that officer Roller does a phenomenal job as a security officer in the ED. He is always patiently answering questions, directing traffic flow, assisting patients and their families etc. I know for a fact he has soothed ruffled feathers and saved us from a complaint or two. I wish I could tell you how many patients and families have said good things about him.  He is such a complement to our department. Thank you for assigning him to our team.

Thanks, Michele

Dear Sir,

Please be advised, our Yale Security officer, Captain Clarence Patterson went out of his way this morning to assist an individual during our Employee Wellness Screening event (Tues, Oct 11th).  A wellness screening technician was cold while working in our designated area during the event.  He took it upon himself and went beyond his call of duty by bringing the technician a cup of hot chocolate.  Needless to say the technician was very appreciative of his kind deed!

Please acknowledge Capt. Patterson for his outstanding customer service.

Many thanks!

To these officers, and all the officers that have helped us in South Carolina and Georgia grow, meet and exceed expectations and to the supervisors; Clarence Patterson, James Williams, Jeff Herweg, and James Sheen, keep up the great work!


Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager - South Carolina/Georgia

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