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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Customer Comment

The following letter was recently received by a customer of one of our clients in Springfield, Missouri:

To: Yale Enforcement Services, Inc.

Dear Folks at Yale,

I am writing to commend our latest security guard, who patrols the grocery store in Springfield, Missouri. His name is Eddie Balthazar.

I live two blocks from this store and am a regular customer there. I feel that Eddie Balthazer has contributed to a sense of security to both the store and the surrounding neighborhood that was not there before. He is always very courteous, well groomed, in a clean well ironed uniform, but even better than that, he brought those Chicago street smarts with him when he arrive here. He knows what to look after that is suspicious in nature and knows the difference between a harmless poor person and a real potential shoplifter. He reads people very well, gets along with most everyone, and has made it his business to know who the regular shoplifters are.

He is an asset not only to the store but to the neighborhood surrounding it. We are hearing of fewer instances of robbery here in an economic climate that breeds robbery. And the store parking lot is not longer being used by mobile drug dealers and hookers.

I am a twice over neighborhood watch captain (in cooperation with the Police Dept. ) with the street savvy of an ex-New York City resident, my old home. I am also an interfaith minister. Born and bred in Concrete Jungle. I know a good one when I seen one. Give this guy a raise!


Rev. Julie L. Post

Thank you Officer Balthazer. You are fine example of the type of officer we strive for in Region 2.

Bob Graveline,
Regional Manger-Region 2

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