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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Onward and Upward

The South Carolina/Georgia office has doubled in size in the last 16 months, and all the credit goes to the great staff of area supervisors, site supervisors and officers we have.  The quality of the folks that work out of this office is reflected daily in the praise that we receive from both the client and the public that use our facilities.

As we grow, our staff moves onward and upword.  As a practice, we try our very best to promote from within the Yale ranks, and these officers have shown through dedication, professionalism and hard work that efforts to succeed and grow within the Yale operation are at every turn.

In Georgia,

Clarence Patterson, a former Georgia State Trooper, started as a midnight officer and is promoted from Site Supervisor, to Area Supervisor for Georgia operations.

Greg Howard started as a new security officer less then a year ago, and is promoted from Shift Supervisor to Site Supervisor.

Susanne Quinn, our newest promotion, is a former Corrections Officer, and has been promoted from security officer to Site Supervisor.

In South Carolina,

Ken Lemley, our newest supervisor, is a retired police officer from New Jersey, and has become an outstanding site supervisor.

James Parks has been promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant and Site Supervisor of one of our busiest properties in South Carolina.

John Powers has been promoted from shift supervisor to Lieutenant and is Captain Parks right hand man.

Teresa Price has been promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant and has moved into a site supervisor position and last but not least,

Krystal Sullivan has become our newest site supervisor.

Congratulations, and thanks to all of you for the effort that you have put forth.

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager-South Carolina/Georgia

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