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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pushing The Rock

We have all had our ups and downs when starting new sites, or expanding current ones.  Sometimes our frustrations make us feel like Sisyphus, pushing the proverbial rock up the mountain, only to have it come down again just to restart the process.  

When one of our clients wanted to expand coverage for the holidays and add 659 hours per week with only a 2 week notice to start, the mountain looked huge and the boulder looked square.  But thanks to the help of a well organized, well oiled machine, it went off without a hitch.

Thanks to the folks involved, we were able to set up a job fair and submit 23 potential employees for background investigations, hire, uniform and staff the operation in less then a week, and that was over the Thanksgiving holiday. This would not have happened had it not been for the outstanding work of the following personnel:

Capt. C. Patterson and Lt. G. Howard, who were the “boots on the ground,” handling scheduling, uniform issue and staffing.
Sgt. A. Winter, who put in extra hours to insure paperwork was completed, and uniforms were either ordered or shipped.
Shannon Crone for getting the background information out and overseeing the process.
Katherine Roth and Chris Yale for keeping on top of the backgrounds and getting the new hires processed and ready to work.

This well oiled machine made it easier to keep the client happy, staff a difficult location and keep the rock rolling. Thanks for all your help.  Time to move on to the next boulder; maybe it will be a little more round.

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager-South Carolina/Georgia

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