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Friday, December 2, 2011

December Service Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following employees that celebrate service anniversaries this month:

10 Years-Charles Dick Jr, Darlene Dick

8 Years-Archie Coleman Jr

7 Years- Bruce McDougald

5 Years- Kenneth Louviere, Phillip Lumas

4 Years-Steve Albritton, Jennifer Wilks, Marcus Henderson, Ho Nguyen, Latanya Wells, Wilson Prejean, Bonnie Gayton, Russell Schmitt Jr, Huberto Llanes, Michael Herren, Michael Harring, Roger Williams

3 Years-Harry Perkins, Dewey Radican, Tahirah Nottingham, Julie Ramos, Ronald Cole, Harold Barber, Jo Ann Yeldell

2 Years- Carlos Santos, Kenneth Johnson, Rodger Robinson, Judy Pena, Jose Cano, Elizandro Garcia, Ashley Musick, Lee Lewis, Jarheta White, Rocky Graham, Shawn Thompson, Ramon Rodriguez, Michael Wise, Evangelos Tsirigotis, Chase Monroe, William Vernon, Elizabeth Leonard, Eugene Lewis, Gregory Hatfield, Robert Agee Jr, Clarence Patterson, Roger Prophet, Ola Ivie, Renee Hayes, Howard Bishop, Horace Coleman, Michael Newell, Tonja Smith

1 Year-Barry St Martin, Marcus Huddleston, Gary Earlin, James Littlejohn Jr, Charles Pitcher, Geoffery Herweg, Luis Perez, Mohamed Lamoune, Justin Burwell, David Hernandez, Gerry Higdon, Robert Maschmeyer, Gaby Remy, Christopher Stansberry, Graciela Frayre, Osman Eroktay, Jean Louissaint, Elma Etienne, Shannon Wing, Bouaze Joseph, Frank Moeller, Jeremy Cain, Joel Jackson, Ottie Edwards, Patrick Stephenson, Chad Pelland, Nelson Rodriguez, Paul Charron, Peter May, George Dudley, and Anika Eugene.

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