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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Final Food Pantry Donation Made

Each year, Yale Enforcement Services, Inc. donates to local charities. Each Region was given a $200 to donate to a local food pantry. On January 18th, Region 1 made the final donation of  $200 worth of non perishable food to the St. Paul Food Pantry in Belleville, Illinois.

Rather than just giving the money to the pantry, Personnel Coordinator Char Knox, (who loves to shop), volunteered to take the money and shop for the pantry.  Char purchased and delivered the food to St. Paul’s volunteer Jerry, who received the goods with a great appreciation.

We hope this donation will go a long way to help those less fortunate during the tough winter months.  Yale Enforcement Services generosity will hopefully inspire others to help out as well. 

Rusty Schmitt,
Regional Manager-Region 1

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