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Monday, January 30, 2012

Innovation-Security Outside the Box

Capt. Ken Lemley, site supervisor for one of our gated communities, saw a need and adapted.  After the recent passing of an elderly resident who lived alone, Ken saw that there needed to be a better way to communicate with the residents.  He developed the “Wellness Check Program.”  With the assistance of the client, our older and single residents can sign up for the Wellness Check Program.  Once on the list, the resident will call in each morning to check in, just letting someone know that they are ok and well.  If a resident does not call in, security will telephone the resident to insure they are ok, and if that does not work, an officer will respond to the home to check on the resident.

The client and the residents love the new program.  The relationship that this shows between the security operations and the community is the reason that Yale Enforcement Services continues to grow in the region.  This is a direct reflection of how Yale Enforcement Services continues to look “outside the box” to better serve our clients.

Thanks to Capt. Ken Lemley and his staff!
Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager-South Carolina/Georgia

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