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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Region 5 Welcomes New Operations Manager

Region 5 would like to welcome our new Tampa Operations Manager, Steve Yodice.  Steve comes to us with a tremendous background and is retired law enforcement with over 22 years on the force.  During that time, he received fourteen department commendations, two of which are for distinguished valor. He also has several years of contract security management and hospital security experience.  Aside from what he brings to the table with his experience, Steve is a great guy that gets along well with the team. 
On a personal note, Steve has been married to his wife Caroline for 12 years.  He has two daughters, age 36 and 31, a step-son who is 19 and 3 beautiful grandchildren who are 13, 4 and 4 months old.  Steve is a self proclaimed workaholic and enjoys staying busy. 
I look forward to the level of expertise that Steve brings to Yale and think he will have a positive effect on our operations.  Please extend a warm welcome to Steve whenever you get the opportunity to talk to him.  Steve, we are glad you are here!    
Lori Morrow,
Regional Manager- Region 5

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