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Friday, May 4, 2012

Region 5 Officer of the Month

We would like to announce Vincenzo Salgado as our Officer of the Month for Region 5.  Officer Salgado has been recognized by staff at the hospital he is assigned to and we received the below comments from one of their nursing Supervisors:

"We as staff on 11-7 discussed it and these are some of the reasons we feel Vinny does his job to a higher degree:

1.       He makes very frequent rounds…. ON THE ENTIRE UNIT.

2.       He announces himself and…. ALWAYS asks if we have any needs he can address, reminds us he is available for any reason and we need only call and we will have his assistance.

3.       His demeanor is always pleasant, friendly and professional and he has gone out of his way to develop a good working relationship between the nursing and the security component of this campus.

Working in an isolated atmosphere as we do here as nurses, not just in location, but also because of the type of patients we care for, it is nice (for lack of a better word) to be able to have a confidence and a blending together of workers and Vinny’s efforts have made it possible to achieve that."

Thank you Officer Salgado for conducting yourself in a professional manner and ensuring the nurses that security is there for any needs they have.  These simple measures show that you take pride in your work and reiterate that security and nursing staff are one cohesive team in our efforts to secure the facility.  We are proud to have you as a representative of Yale Enforcement Services.

Lori Morrow, Regional Manager- Region 5

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