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Monday, May 21, 2012

Region 5 Standouts

We are so fortunate to have great Supervisors and Officers who excel at their job and really take pride in their work, and it truly warms my heart to receive letters of commendation to show their efforts are recognized by others: 
I wanted to take a moment to share with you what a wonderful job Tim Wilson is doing as the leader of our security team.  As I’m sure you’re aware, he has been tasked with providing security for 2 campuses and ensuring that his officers are properly educated at each location as they each have their own unique security and operational challenges.  Last night at our satellite facility, we experienced 2 code reds.  One was around 8pm and the other was around 3am.  Not only did Tim’s crew respond beautifully per staff feedback (a testament to the leadership and education Tim has provided), but Tim actually responded to both codes.   Tim takes a lot of pride in his job and it shows daily.  He is always available and willing to help, which is a comfort to everyone.  I thought it was important for you to know the hard work that he is putting in and the well deserved kudos for a job well done.
Ms. Jackson

Lydia, 11-7 charge nurse, wanted me to extend our thanks to the two security officers on shift last evening.  Jason Blue and Vincent Salgado responded to the fire alarm and kept the unit staff apprised of the whole situation.  Lydia was grateful for the level of communication that these gentlemen executed during the event.  Please convey our thanks and appreciation.

Thank you to everyone involved for doing a phenomenal job, not only in this event, but also day in and day out. This only substantiates Tim's election as Yale's Officer of the Year for 2011. The professionalism and dedication of Jason and Vincent is appreciated and commended by all.

Lori Morrow, Regional Manager-Region 5

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