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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Abduction Attempt Foiled

Corporal Johnny Murphy and Lieutenant John Powers put their training and skills to work to prevent a child abduction.  

On June 25th, the officers were called to talk to a visitor about a child care complaint.  After they arrived, they found that a non-custodial family member had attempted to take custody of a child, but the attempt was stopped.  After further investigation by the officers, it was found that the custodial parent was the victim of sexual assault, as were other children in the household.   

Upon full investigation, one suspect was detained on suicide watch and police and the Department of Social Services were investigating the family involved.

Thanks to their professionalism and calm manner, the officers were able to stop abduction, and through their calm demeanor and caring attitude, they were able to obtain a story that had been hidden for some time.
It is times like these that make us proud to do the job we do.

Great job, Lt. John Powers and Cpl. Johnny Murphy! 

 Tommy Vickers, Operations Manager-South Carolina/Georgia

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