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Monday, October 15, 2012

Client Praise Received

I received this letter from one of our South Carolina clients last week.  The letter says it all!

October 11, 2012

To All The Wonderful Yale Security Enforcement Employees;

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you so much for the many kindnesses you show to my switchboard (PBX) staff, and also the volunteer team.  You go out of your way to help them and it is really appreciated by us all.

I especially want to say a big thank you to the ones who helped out on the switchboard in the early hours this morning when my operator had to go to the ED with chest pains.  You stepped in and fulfilled the need until the supervisor could arrive.  Thank you also for checking in with the ladies during the night shift – they do feel isolated, especially working alone in the office.  Your presence is a comfort and big help to them.

We are so happy to have you in the building and know that you are helping to keep us all safe.  It really gives us a good comfort level.

Again, thank you for the many “small” things you do that mean so much to others.  We really appreciate all your efforts.

Thanks to the leadership of Captain John Powers and his outstanding staff of officers, too many to name, but not so many that you are overlooked.  And thanks to Jody Turnbill for stepping in and taking charge.  This is truly a reflection of professionals.

Tommy Vickers,
Director of Operations - Region 4

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