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Monday, May 9, 2011

Strong Armed Robbery

Aventura, FL 4/27/2011
I would like to praise Security Officer Chris Brendel, Senior Security Officer Michael Stahl and Lt. Ira Wolf for their actions that helped capture a criminal in the Aventura area on 4/27.  On this date, a woman was attacked from behind and had her purse stolen while she was going to her vehicle inside a parking garage.  Officer Stahl responded to the distress call and upon arriving on the scene, immediately called for backup and directed for local PD to be called.  Officer Stahl took the victim to the ER for treatment and then he joined Officer Brendal, PD and other staff who were searching the parking garage for the suspect.  At that time, local PD found a man running from the parking garage and questioned him.  He did not have the purse on him and because the woman was attacked from behind, she could not identify him.  During this time, Officer Brendel located the woman's purse which the suspect had thrown into a garbage can while fleeing.  Lt. Wolf arrived on scene and immediately began reviewing security cameras and was able to pinpoint the attack and get an image to ID the attacker as the same man PD had questioned.  This team effort and quick thinking was paramount in the eventual capture of this criminal.  Great work to all involved! 
Lori Morrow,
Regional Manager- Region 5
Yale Enforcement Services, Inc.

1 comment:

  1. I was very impressed to read this story. This is the kind of Officers that stand out in my mind as being always on their toes and ready for anything to happen at any time. Kudos to you two and everyone else involved. Thanks to LT for coming right in and getting video which put a cap on this whole deal and to get the bad guy. OOH RAHH and keep up the outwstanding performance. Officer Aviles Region 5 Gainesville, Fl. "Semper Fi"