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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Non-issues Encumber Mechanics

Our shop technicians are overwhelmed with engines overheating and air conditioning issues.  After inspecting these vehicles, no issues are being found.  This is concerning because there are many repairs that are being placed on the back burner while they are chasing these non-issues.  Together we have tried to determine why these non-issues are being reported.  All roads lead to one conclusion.  It is not that people are calling in false reports; it is that vehicles are idling for prolonged periods of time in the heat.
If a vehicles engine is running on a hot day and the vehicle is not moving, there is little to no air movement through the engine compartment.  Heat cannot escape because it is enclosed under the hood and between the fenders.  If the heat is not allowed to escape it is becomes hot enough to melt wiring looms and vacuum hoses.  Driving the vehicle forces air through the engine compartment pushing the hot air created from the engine out.  This keeps the engine compartment at a cooler temperature.

The air conditioning issue is much like the overheating engine issue.  The Freon in the air conditioning system flows through a radiator type device called a condenser in the front of the vehicle.  It is made so airflow will take the hot air away before it is compressed and sent back to the vehicles interior providing coolness to the vents.  If the condenser has no air flow, the hot air is not allowed to escape and is sent back to the interior of the vehicle which results in heat blowing right in your face.

As the weather get hotter, the vehicle issues become more serious and the mechanics can fall behind.  Please do your share in helping the shops by just keeping the vehicles moving.  If you need to be stationary for any amount of time shut the engine off.  Chasing non-issues is very time consuming and expensive.  The new vehicle budget shrinks rapidly as we spend time and money solving issues that should never have been.

Linn Baer,
Fleet Manager

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