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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Region 1 Flood Threat Continues

Flood Warnings have been in effect for a couple weeks now and local flooding has started in Region 1. The Missouri river is running some 4 feet above flood stage and many people are evacuating. As the flooding continues, remember flood waters contain visible and hidden dangers.

Rapid Current: The National Weather Service states that simply six inches of fast-moving water can knock you off your feet. Two feet of fast-moving water will sweep cars away. Flowing water is often moving faster than you realize. Murky flood water hides multiple hazards underfoot, one false step and you can be swept away and drown. Never let children play in flood water.  When driving always assume the water is deep enough to sweep you and your vehicle away.  Never drive through flood waters.

Debris: Rushing flood waters pick up everything: tree branches, lumber, furniture, propane tanks, even houses. These heavy items develop incredible force when pushed by rapidly moving water. Colliding with this type of heavy debris can cause serious injuries or death.

Chemicals: Flood waters and may contain any variety of contaminants including, fertilizer, and pesticides, industrial chemicals, toxic wastes, paint, oil, fuel, gasoline, human and animal waste. Ingesting or prolonged contact can cause serious illness or death.

Shock hazards: Flood water can be charged with electricity from underground or downed power lines. Wading in water around buildings where the electricity is still on can lead to electrocution.

Infectious organisms: Flood water may contain E. Coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A Virus, and Typhoid. Flood water additionally attracts mosquitoes which can breed and spread disease.

As the waters continue to rise in Region 1, the DART team is ready if needed.

Linn Baer,
DART Director

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