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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Air Conditioning Issue Addressed

The fleet mechanics understand that it is difficult for patrol officers to do their jobs when they are driving vehicles that have marginal air conditioning functions. At times the weather is just so hot that even a new vehicle A/C unit has a hard time cooling the vehicle. As we have reported before, at the low speeds parking lot patrol vehicles drive, even the best A/C unit will struggle on hot days.

We are listening to you and experimenting with ways to try and make the vehicle A/C units do things they are not meant to do. We have approval to add window tint to some vehicles to reduce the inside car temperatures. This should make it easier for the A/C unit to cool. If a major success is noted, this will be instituted as a fleet wide upgrade.

Another solution the shops are experimenting with is adding an auxiliary fan in front of the radiators that will come on automatically. This should supplement the vehicle factory fan when more air movement is needed to cool the engine while driving at low speeds. We are already seeing this add-on reduce engine temperatures on vehicles that have had repeated overheating issues.

As we realize fleet wide issues that affect you, we will continue to report any resolution to those issues. Your mechanics are working hard to resolve all the issues associated with the slow speed of patrolling and the high heat you and your vehicles are exposed to. 

I will again put out a reminder that your A/C will not function unless the vehicle is moving and has air flow through the engine compartment.

Linn Baer,
Fleet Manager

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