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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weight Loss Success Story

With the all of the hype on television these days about heath and weight loss and none of it seemingly believable, I thought I would share a real life success story.  Every one has heard of Jarrod the Subway guy or the winners of the Biggest Loser. Corporal Mark Reichenbach came to Yale in 2009 and weighed in at 440 lbs.  The post Mark is assigned has several floors, all of which must be checked throughout the day and night. Mark decided that this was a great way to compliment his diet. Mark started doing all of his rounds by stairs instead of elevator. After a year and a half Mark is down to 215 lbs. Mark has lost a grand total of 225lbs, that’s a whole person! Mark says he feels great and has a ton more energy.  Mark maintains a healthy diet and exercise has given him the best results.  Looks like it paid off Mark. Congratulations!!!

Rusty Schmitt
Regional Mgr.

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Mark! I know personally how hard it is. Now the next hard part is keeping it off. Ive lost 100lbs 3 times in the past and gained it back each time. Now I have to do it again. Thanks for the inspiration Mark. Don't stop exercising and dieting just because the weight is gone, it will come back if you stop!