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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Client Feedback Welcomed

The following letter was sent to Jeff Holler, Operations Manager, Tampa from one of our valued clients:


Since we are all so busy and focused on what needs to be done, we usually make the time to put out the fires, but let the great service go unmentioned. I just want to take few minutes to let you know that we really appreciate having Yale as our security company. We feel that you have done a good job providing us with professional and quality guards that truly care about their jobs and our organization. The guards at our site have interaction with our associates continuously throughout the day and it's important to us that this interaction be professional and excel in service. Below are just a few comments about the guards we have at our location.

Gus - He is fairly new and still learning our atmosphere and the role he plays here. Although there have been a few bumps in the road, I am optimistic that he will be a good fit.

Otto - He is dependable, friendly and always willing to help in any way he can. He is very good about bringing any "concerns or observations" to my attention or my staff's to ensure we are aware.

Luther - He is very professional and on top of things, I don't think any associate has ever slipped by him without a badge. He too is very dependable and observant.

Kelly - She does her job with a lot of pride and has a positive attitude towards it. If I want to know about anything in the parking lot, all I have to do is check with her. She does an excellent job making sure associates our following our parking guidelines and is always there to help an associate if needed. She always keeps our parking lot clean, which can certainly be a challenge. She ensure that I'm as aware of issues and is always flexible with her schedule to assist when it is raining.

I also want to thank you and Darlene for always taking care of scheduling needs, even the last minute ones. As well as providing us with quality guards.

Again, we really appreciate Yale and the service level you are providing to our company.

Please share this with the appropriate people at your company so our guards and your superiors are aware.

Thank you,

Manager/ HR Building Administrator

A special thank you to all of our great officers mentioned above. This type of client feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.

Lori Morrow,
Regional Manager-Region 5

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