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Thursday, November 17, 2011

West Palm Beach Office Commendations

I want to extend my appreciation to our staff and officers in West Palm Beach who have been working hard and doing a phenomenal job covering a temporary site in Miramar, FL.  This temporary site is not in close proximity to other locations in the area and was originally only supposed to last for 4 days.  Here we are now into our 11th week of providing this temporary coverage and I’m sure the drive alone takes its toll on officers.  These officers have done a fantastic job for this client and we received the following note of commendation:

 “The officers you have on site at our Miramar location have been outstanding!  Very professional, courteous to the staff on site and a pleasure to work with!  I can speak for all of us, thank you for being available for us!!! Thanks again"- Bruce Rader

Thank you Juan Ramirez, Cristian Bermejo and Rajesh Pargan for your outstanding performance!  As well, the hard work of Bob Donnelly and Sandy Robinson to manage this coverage is greatly appreciated. 

Lori Morrow
Regional Manager Region 5

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