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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charleston Avoids Disaster

Friday the 13th was not all bad luck, but it started out that way.  At one of our facilities in Charleston, a suspect threatened to kill an employee, first with a handgun, then with explosives.  According to the family, he had both the ability and the equipment to carry through with the threat, and the facility went on lock down.
Within true Yale fashion, the officers stepped up.  Within 20 minutes of notification of the threat, Yale officers came in from home, and we aware able to provide 4 additional officers and 2 patrol cars.  Within 30 minutes of the call, the facility was locked down and all access was controlled or denied.
Our officers were able to provide a full description of the suspect vehicle, as well as the plate number, and the suspect was arrested after a car crash without further incident.
Thank you to all the Yale Enforcement Services staff for your professional service and dedication. Lt. Tereasa Price, Site Supervisor and Incident Commander Officer William White, Corporals Gary Higdon and Charles Pitcher and Capt. James Williams, who all responded on their off duty time to insure the safety and service to our client and their staff.
Thanks to all.

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager-South Carolina/Georgia

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