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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yale Enforcement Services Donates to the North Texas Food Bank

Region 3 donated $200.00 in food to the North Texas Food Bank(NTFB).  Our contribution comes at a time when the number of hungry children, families and seniors in our community continues to rise. Support has never been more critical, and the North Texas Food Bank expressed thanks and appreciation for the donation.

The NTFB sent the following statement, informing Yale of who the donation would help.

You’ve already made a difference in the lives of Angela’s family.  She’s a single mother raising three children on her own.  She was working two jobs to make ends meet, but the stress of working so many hours and taking care of her kids has taken a toll on her health.  She’s now unable to work and her only income is in the form of disability assistance.  Angela wouldn’t be able to feed her children if not for the help of friends like you.  Thanks to your gifts to the NTFB, she can come to a Food Bank Member Agency for nutritious groceries.  She’s so thankful for the food she receives - and for your compassion.  “Don’t stop donating!” she says gratefully, “This food has been a help to my family and to others.”

Russell Rucker,
Regional Manager- Region 3

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