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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Payroll Debit Card Launched

We are happy to announce the roll-out of a new payroll debit card called Skylight Financial.  The payroll debit card is actually a payroll based Visa credit card that you can use for on-line payments of any type, in addition to any payment you would like to make by credit card. Also, you, as the owner of the card, will be able to go on-line to the Skylight Financial website to see your balance, date of deposits, or change your address if necessary.  It is very user friendly, extremely usable, safe and secure.  Your funds will be available on the date of payroll by 9 a.m., you will not have to worry about a paycheck getting lost in the mail any more and you will be able to use your money right away on payday.   This card can be used to obtain cash from your payroll free of charge at any U.S. Bank, Suntrust Bank, or Allpointe Networks which are in Target stores.

Due to the improved usage of this payroll card, Yale Enforcement Services, Inc. is discontinuing the use of paper paychecks and Yale’s current payroll card, Paycheck Plus.  The last payroll using paper checks and the Paycheck Plus card will be the March 27th and 28th pay date.  After that time, all payroll will be by direct deposit, using either a personal checking or savings account, which is always the best way to received payroll, or using one of the new payroll cards, Skylight Financial. 

Each branch will be contacting all employees who currently are on paycheck or Paycheck Plus status to transfer them over as soon as possible to the Skylight Financial Card.  Remember, that it is also possible to receive payroll in a personal account.   Please contact your branch to talk to them about this exciting new payroll option!  They can help you with all of your questions.  Thank you for all your good work.

Barbara Yale, President

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