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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cell/Smart Phone Usage at Work

With the rapid development of cell phones and or, smart phones, most persons carry a personal cell phone.  While these marvels of modern technology continue to astound with their usefulness, they also present serious issues in the workplace.  Employees driving Yale Enforcement Services vehicles should never actively be using a cell phone while driving.  This goes for texting and the use of any applications on your smart phones as well.  Doing so takes your eyes off the road, and even if you are parked, it takes your eyes and mind off the work you are there to perform.  Remember, you are driving a 1 ton piece of moving metal that can do serious damage to anything it hits, especially a person.  Park your vehicle when making calls, make it short and return to work.  The employee handbook states that personal cell phone use is prohibited while driving.  While we cannot enforce this 100%, please use common sense and caution when making calls or texting while in a car; whether its our vehicle or yours.  Also, please be aware that the use of your cell phone to call on or off duty is only allowed at job sites where no access to a land line phone exists.  Check with your local office if you have a question regarding what phone you should use to call on or off duty at your job site.

Alex Ledsinger, Regional Manager- Region 4

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