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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training Put to Use

How often have we all sat in a long training class knowing that we’ll probably never use anything being taught? For Kathy Lorance, Accounts Receivable Administrator/Corporate Office Manager, her recent Red Cross CPR/First Aid training was put to use quicker than anyone could have imagined. She was arriving home one night and heard a scream. It came from an elderly neighbor who found her son unconscious on the floor. Kathy assessed the situation and immediately began CPR. She did not stop until paramedics arrived. Sadly, the outcome was unhappy and the neighbor’s son passed away later that weekend.

As her instructor, I am proud that Kathy attempted to provide assistance at a critical time in a person’s life. “I urge everyone to take a few hours to learn this valuable procedure. You never know when it may be your loved one that needs it”, said Kathy. Red Cross CPR/First Aid training is available in the St. Louis region as well as the other branch offices of our company. The class is also required to advance to Corporal rank with Yale Enforcement Services. Contact your regional office for more information regarding training in this potential life saving tool.

Terry Harris,
Communications Center Manager

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