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Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick Action Prevents Catastrophe

Just another routine drunk call, or at least that is what Lt. Teresa Price thought.  In the early morning hours of a Monday, just after responding to a disorderly call, Lt. Price noticed a fog that was hanging over the lot.  Not uncommon for this time of year in South Carolina, but something was different about the fog this time.  It was a rolling fog. Then she smelled the smoke.  Lt. Price immediately knew what she had.  A fire.  A fire so close to the hospital the potential for a catastrophe was within an arms reach.  Lt. Price sealed off the area, notified emergency personnel and did a safety sweep of the area.

EMS and the local fire department responded, and they were able to save the building and the surrounding buildings.  The only injury was that of a fireman, who was treated and released.

Her quick response and attention to detail saved property and probably lives.  As others were still asleep, or just starting their morning, Lt. Price was doing what she always does;  a professional job.

Tommy Vickers, Operations Manager-South Carolina/Georgia

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