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Monday, April 9, 2012

Region 2 Employee of the Month

The Region 2 Employee of the Month for March 2012 is Corporal Michael Potis.  Michael has been employed by Yale Enforcement Services, Inc. since June of 2004 and his main assignment is at one of our most prestigious business office clients location.  This past month, our site supervisor was suddenly taken ill and hospitalized for over two weeks.  He immediately assumed his duties as supervisor without complaint.  This required him to work a different shift than his normal tour of duty and he really stepped up to the plate. The client was very pleased that the transition was seamless.  Corporal Potis conducted a severe weather drill during this time flawlessly.  Congratulations to Michael Potis for being there when we needed him and being selected as Employee of the Month.

Bob Graveline, Regional Manager Region 2

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