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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Doing the Right Thing

An early morning 15-minute break at the Yale Corporate Offices in Belleville, IL turned into an opportunity to save a life. Monique Crew, from the Communications Center, was sitting in her car, taking her break, when she heard loud noises. Two men were coming down the street, arguing loudly. One of the men collapsed in the middle of the street while the other person ccontinued walking away. After a moment or two, the first man got up and proceeded to move on down the street. As Monique watched, he collapsed again and did not move. Marlo Tucker, Region One Scheduling Coordinator, and Monique went to see if they could help him.  The man was unconscious, bloody and still breathing; pulse steady but weak. The ambulance arrived and the person was treated and released. The reason for the collapse is unknown. Monique said she was “glad to have had training for just this type of situation. He could have been hit by a passing car or done further harm to himself if we had not been concerned and called 911.” 

Thank you to Marlo and Monique for being concerned about another person and doing the right thing.

Terry Harris,
Communications Center Manager

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