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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ATM Withdraw

Not once, but twice in the same day, Yale Enforcement Services officers proved themselves to be honest and above reproach.  Two days before Thanksgiving, the official kick off of the Christmas Season, officers found themselves looking at a pot, or at least a box, of gold.  Capt James Williams and Lt. Terrance Bishop, while on routine patrols in one of our facilities in South Carolina, found an ATM open.  The ATM was open, the safe was open and thousands of dollars in cash, and someone’s Christmas wish, was just a quick grab away.  Alert and dedicated, the officers stood by the cash boxes until  ATM staff responded and secured the machine.  

In a twist of fate that no Hollywood writer could come up with, Teresa Price and Luz Kynock-Collins found a second ATM in the same condition.  Different bank, different ATM company, but the same facility and same situation.  Thousands of dollars exposed to the public, but the officers stood by to insure the security of the machine until a second different ATM company responded to the site to secure the second machine.

Though at first glance it seems like a comedy gone wrong, the seriousness of the matter cannot be overstated.  If someone had found one of the ATM's open and decided to help themselves, and an officer tried to intervene, the situation could have had a much less happy ending.
Thanks again to the honesty, dedication and attention to duty shown by these officers;

James Williams
Terrance Bishop
Teresa Price
Luz Kynoch – Collins

Tommy Vickers,
Director of Operations - Region 4

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