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Monday, May 23, 2011

Potential Disaster Averted

I would like to commend Corporal Teresa Price from our Charleston, SC office for her awareness and attention to detail.  Corporal Price, while making her rounds at one of our client’s facilities, found that an oven in the rear kitchen had been left on after everyone had left for the night.  After checking to make sure no one was working she turned the stove off, and notified the client.

The danger of an overheated oven in an empty facility cannot be overstated.  Her attention to detail and her awareness could have prevented a fire that could have been costly and deadly.

Corporal Price’s continued service, dedication and professionalism continues to show that she can always be counted on to step up to do what ever is needed to make sure that the job gets done.

Officers like Corporal Price is what helps to make this a great place to work and are a great asset to both Yale Enforcement Services and to our clients.

Tommy Vickers,
Operations Manager

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