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Thursday, September 15, 2011

DART Team Changes Implemented

Our DART (Disaster Activated Response Team) has been evaluated and new membership guidelines have been implemented.  The evaluation was in response to a review of what clients are being promised or demanding when they are considering implementing the team as part of their disaster planning.

Requirements for team membership have changed and must be met prior to confirmation into the group. Once your membership is approved you will be issued a DART pin to wear on your uniform.

Membership Minimum Requirements:

  1. Must be employed with Yale Enforcement Services Inc. For a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Must obtain the rank of senior officer or higher.
  3. Must be CPR and First Aid certified.
  4. Must have no more than 5 points assessed in the prior 6 months or as an active member. (Vehicle accident points will be excluded) 
  5. Complete and sign a Personal Statement of Understanding.
Current DART members will be grandfathered. I feel the review and changes in requirements to be a member are a positive step in insuring that Yale Enforcement Services Inc. is providing the highest quality disaster protection to its clients.

 If you are now qualified and have the desire to be a DART team member, please contact your regional office for an application.  If you have the desire to join, but have not met the required qualifications, please map a plan to complete the items you are missing. Until you complete the above requirements you may be placed on our DART reserve list and may be deployed in the event of a major disaster requiring additional resources. 

Linn Baer,
DART Director

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