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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ATM Theft Foiled by New Officer

On Sunday, October 23rd at approximately 0200, Officer Michael Brown noticed two suspects loading a large item into a van. Officer Brown had only been employed with Yale Enforcement Services for four days, but his training kicked in and he immediately became suspicious of the activity. After notifying his shift leader it was learned that the suspects had entered our client’s property through a rear door and had stolen the ATM machine. Officer Brown notified the Local Police and observed the suspects from a safe distance. When the suspects realized they were being watched by security, they abandoned the vehicle and ATM machine and fled on foot. The local Police arrived and took possession of the vehicle and ATM for fingerprinting and evidence. The Police, our client and Yale have praised Officer Brown for his quick thinking and actions, which directly led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle and the fully intact ATM machine. Thank you Officer Brown!

Russell Rucker,
Regional Manager- Region 3

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